Field Day 2013

Well, we all know what they say about good intentions. I had good intentions to participate in Field Day this year, from the quiet comfort of my back yard.  Yes sir, I was going to set up a couple of my shelter pop ups, cartoon2108drag the picnic table under them, move the gas grill a little bit closer and plant both of my portable vertical antennas.  One is a PAC-12 and the other one is a home made fishing pole thingie that utilizes a 20 foot crappie pole and a bunch of doorbell wire.  It’s a vertical dipole sort of thing. Then I was going to connect the Elecraft K2 and some batteries and just have a blast…except things don’t always go the way you figure they will.   I have four grand daughters.  They range in age from 8 years old down to about 8 months old.  The three oldest have been taking dance classes all year and guess when the recital was scheduled for? That’s right. Field Day.  So instead of getting on the air we went to the Auditorium and sat there for five hours watching about 46 musical numbers being accompanied by little girl dancers of all sizes.  My grand babies were in number 13, 23, 30, and 37.  I think they performed for a total of maybe 25 minutes.  It was worth it.  They are the cutest, smartest, most wonderful little girls ever, and I was glad to be there.  There’s always next Field Day!


One thought on “Field Day 2013

  1. Sounds familiar – 3 granddaughters, 2 in ballet – 2 & a half hours to see about 10 minutes of them – but it was the weekend before Field Day – phew! And oldest granddaughter had fun making a bunch of contacts on GOTA station on FD, so all worked out this year!

    73 de W1OH

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