Homebrewing…it’s all good fun!

This past weekend was the Ft. Wayne hamfest.  Ft. Wayne is almost three hours from my home in Central Indiana.  So my son Andrew N9AWM, and I, decided we’d drive up and check out the HF gear for sale since he just upgraded to Extra and is in the process of putting an HF station in his home.  Saturday came, and at OH DARK THIRTY we decided that instead of spending six hours driving up and back, we’d have more fun building something.  Andrew had recently moved his UHF/VHF radio gear into his home office and was in need of a good dual band antenna for it.  We decided to build the Open Stub Dual Band J-Pole design made popular by Arrow.

We Googled the subject for about an hour and decided on a couple different methods, there is no use in reinventing the wheel, right?  What we ended up with was a very nice dual band antenna made of stainless steel parts…weighing a ton, but with SWR 1:1 every place we needed to use it.  I think he had about $18 in parts and we crafted it the confines of my garage full of stuff using odds and ends of tools and methods made famous by cavemen.

If you need a good dual band UHF/VHF antenna, we recommend this design.  It’s simple to build, you get to use real nuts and bolts, and sometimes you even get to fire up Mr. Blowtorch…my favorite tool.

Listen for N9AWM on several IRLP nets and the local Indy repeaters.  This weekend I am making one of these for my use!

73 de KB9BVN